ACIM Lesson 70 notes.

My salvation comes from me.


My imagery from yesterday’s practice period really helps me to understand this lesson.

My eternal light (salvation) is always within me. No amount of clouds, which I create to block my light, can ever dim what I was given. By my choice, I place fear, guilt, and judgement into my ‘cloud front’. I can also choose to just wipe it away.

“Try to pass the clouds by whatever means appeals to you. If it helps you, think of me holding your hand and leading you. And I assure you this will be no idle fantasy.”

Thanks Lord, for always being there for me.


“Nothing outside of me can hold me back. Within me is the world’s salvation and my own.”

Both guilt and salvation come from within me, both are my choice. I judge my behaviors in this world and assign guilt when I think I did something wrong or could have done better. My salvation is also my choice to forgive all judgements of myself and others, to then replace with Love and compassion.

‘Oh, now I understand, now I can let go.’

Love, you have rescued me. Great Love within me, you have always been here to guide me back to my Source Light. I accept your hand happily, giddy even, to walk through my clouds into the light of my being.


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