ACIM Lesson 69 notes.

My grievances hide the light of the world in me.


“Go on; clouds cannot stop you.”

I listened to today’s lesson so that I could close my eyes and follow the imagery provided. Standing outside the circle of clouds, I did not wait for the prompt, but, after sizing it up, I pushed my way in. I saw my inner Sun and walked directly into it so that it was once again joined to my heart center.

After enjoying the sensation of a lit, expanded heart, I looked at the clouds surrounding me. They reminded me of the fog on my shower screen after my shower. I wiped some away with my hand and thought, ‘it is as easy as this to wipe away most illusions.’

Just like my shower screen, most of the cloudiness went away. There were still a few areas of haze that will need more investigation and effort to clear. Still, plenty of light can shine out from my heart now.

“Yes I want it to be revealed to me, for my salvation and the salvation of the world.”


“Share your salvation now with him who stood beside you when you were in hell.”

I must confess to feeling guilty yesterday after putting down my lesson notes. When I next read other people’s ACIM notes, I found the attention was on others, friend, ‘him’ who I created grievances with. These wonderful lessons always give another chance, another viewpoint, another layer to the learning and loving.

“… everyone stands in darkness, and you beside him.”

Today’s lesson provides a wonderful meditation to have us step away from the shadowed crowd, to be bold and walk through the clouds of unknowing into the light. I find my boldness grows from understanding. I don’t see the Course as telling us it is by faith that we can step away from our peers into the light but by the repeated lessons that we are light and we are Loved. And called back to our place in the light as a Holy Child of God.

_/\_ Prayers for my knowing and for all humans to know. <3

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