ACIM Lesson 158 notes.

Today I learn to give as I receive.


“The way we are seen – with absolute Love and acceptance – is the way we are then asked to see.” ~ Hollie Holden

Oh, this seemed a very complicated lesson to understand. My focus was in the wrong place. I was thinking of how to give and receive with my body and senses, in this physical world. Living with an open heart these past few weeks, I feel what is being asked is natural from an open-hearted state.

(Is this state of heart active, mind quiet, with Love flowing what is meant by ‘Christ vision’ in this lesson?)

So often I turn my mind to ‘the Prodigal Son’ parable to understand how God Loves me. Now, the story is present in my mind asking me to consider applying this Love to how I love others. This Love feels open, patient, constant, accepting, and giving. My heart may wobble at times (when fear steps in) but can mostly offer this to others.

Today I learn, and am grateful.


“You must have moments where you know a Big Life is happening to you (Holy Spirit), yet beyond (Father), and also as you (Christ)! ~ Fr. Richard Rohr

We are asked to practice ‘seeing with the eyes of Christ’. This is the means of giving and receiving, to see every living thing as the light of the one being … God. I set the intention to see as described in the lesson.

“It does not look upon a body, and mistake it for the Son whom God created. It beholds a light beyond the body; an idea beyond what can be touched, a purity undimmed by errors, pitiful mistakes, and fearful thoughts of guilt from dreams of sin.“

“See no one as a body. Greet him as the Son of God he is, acknowledging that he is one with you in holiness.”


I think there is a lot in this lesson that I am not understanding. I hear ‘give to receive’, ‘see the light in others’. But, the paragraphs about ‘time’ and ‘experiences’,  I don’t understand. The parts that I recognize, I wish to grow in and experience Christ.

What has been given to you?

From Hollie’s notes I take away: to see as Love, as God created me. Thus, I am to give through seeing with Love. And not as a body, but the light of Source.

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