ACIM Lesson 157 notes.

Into His presence would I enter now.


“This is a day of silence and of trust.”

The reading of this entire lesson was a blessing. To aid me in entering the silence, I turned to Hollie’s recording of it so I could close my eyes and listen. Almost immediately, I saw a group of excited children, all in white, ahead, calling me forward. I wondered if I was my adult self or child self. As we moved forward, we laughed, spun, and danced. I felt my granddaughter there but also my inner child.

We came to large double doors like in a conference center. Inside the lights were dim but there was a small group of people encircling Christ Jesus, whose light lit the room. Excitedly, me and my little-self approached. I took a moment to pop into her awareness to feel her feelings – such excitement and awe!

I led her to sit a few steps in front of Christ, on the floor, then had her sit in my lap. Her excitement was too much and she leapt up and went to Him. Still feeling what she was feeling, her idea of grabbing Him into a hug was put aside as she neared Him. There was a sense that we needed a moment to adjust to the great energy of the Love that was there in Him. She paused as he laid His hand on her/our head I joined her, and we blended into on beloved of Christ.


“From this day forth, your ministry takes on genuine devotion, and a glow that travels from your fingertips to those you touch, and blesses those you look upon.”

So blessed!

I am thankful for this great blessing this lesson gives. It has been a busy, distracting day with me finally feeling peaceful enough to concentrate on the lesson (at 3:00 pm).

Dear Great Love, please help my hands give healing to those in need. Let my vision be from my heart and only bring up thoughts of the highest good … in Christ Jesus’ name.


What I want is what is spoken of in this lesson. I want the Holy light of Christ to shine through me and from me.

In reflection:

I stood by the watering well with Christ Jesus. I ladled the water and asked he bless it. He said that I was to do it. I made my prayer for connection to Source/God. Christ Jesus supported my prayer. I drank and expanded as he blessed my head.

I grew bigger than the scene, so he enlarged it. We embraced in joy. I wanted to laugh but he said, drink more. I ladled the water over my head and laughed.

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