ACIM Lesson 154 note.

I am among the ministers of God.


“Now this mind becomes aware again of Who created it, and of His lasting union with itself. So is its Self the one reality in which its will and that of God are joined.”

At seminary last week my friend received a message from HS that she read out loud to the class. Last night she shared her typed document of it, so I read it first thing this morning. Like this lesson, it offered us blessings for our roles as ministers.

‘Speak – teach – support – Love’, it offered along with holding integrity as we leave seeds with others that may or may not grow.

“I am among the ministers of God.”

I trust God. I choose God’s will over my own. My recent experiences have shown that moving with the flow of God’s Love gives to me the gifts I desire of Love, light, peace, joy, truth, and strength. The Love flows from me as it fills me. This brings ease in seeing myself as a minister of God.

“You become aware at last there is one Voice in you.”

God’s voice in me, for me, and for sharing.


“… and I am grateful that I have the means by which to recognize that I am free.”

I am a conduit through which God’s message comes into this world. The message needs to flow through the pipe, going between me and another. We are both touched by the flow to receive what is best for each of us and the overall system.


‘It is through giving that we receive.‘ ~Prayer of St. Francis

I have a confession. I judge other spiritual seekers when I see them excited to share their stories from their journeys. They can be so excited to tell of breakthroughs, healings, their ‘waking up’. There was a time on my own path when I was so excited to share. The crowds of readers did not flock to my door (or blog), seeking me out to be their teacher.

So now, I look at others in their excitement as if I know more being further down the path.

Today’s lesson has set me right, shown me how I am wrong in my judgements (that I know now are just opinions formed without facts and perspective, Lesson 151).

Paragraph 6 tells that the lessons to teach are for us.

Paragraph 8 says we cannot understand the lessons received until we give them. “For in the giving is his own acceptance of what he received.”

To take action, my mind immediately went to getting active with posting on my blog again. My technical excuses are gone, it is all up to date, but I can’t get motivated to share what is an active learning time for me.

Hollie’s note #4 got my attention “You do not do any of this role alone … the role is to genuinely join with God, with Love, with the truth in you.”

I will pause my mind’s planning and take time for reflection on what God might want me to do.

“A messenger does not write the message. A messenger delivers the message.” ~ Hollie Holden

In service to Love.

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