ACIM Lesson 152 notes.

The power of decision is my own.


“And in humility the radiance of God’s Son, his gentleness, his perfect sinlessness, his Father’s Love, his right to Heaven and release from hell, are joyously accepted as our own.”

Today I accept myself as how God’s will created me to be.

I am touched by the references to humility in this lesson but am wondering how it fits into the process of right decision making.

“Truth is true.”

This is where I am letting go – truth will reveal itself. I don’t need to figure it out or defend it. This is where humility comes in.

At retreat this week, I was shown time and time again that I don’t need to plan for anything, only to be open and listen for what You would have me do next.

I stand in humility, and serenity, to be the Self You placed in this life. This is my decision.


“As God created you, you must remain unchangeable, with transitory states by definition false.”

I decide.

I just read an article (on that presented a theory on why some people can think for themselves and not follow the herd. The article tries to define what traits are with people that today we say are ‘awake’. The author said that common traits in ‘woke’ people are: not needing outside proof, use of intuition and critical thinking, not self-promoting, spiritual, and moral. He used the term ‘fulcrum’ to express the point that supports the system of their inner morality.

To relate this back to the lesson – I see it as the inner morality they base their decisions on. This, I believe, the lesson is trying to get us to grasp, to solidify our fulcrum.

God is Love and we are Love.

This is the hard truth that is to be the fulcrum of all our decision making so that our system balance on this.

Let it be that when we wobble that our center remains Love. _/\_


I am feeling distracted today. What Hollie wrote is a difficult lesson … difficult to keep my attention to.

I create my world. I make decisions based on little facts, poor perception, and not trusting in the Truth.

I am the light, I am the Love, I am the Truth, I am Christ, I am.

As son of man, I am in the jungle, but the pure loving-kindness-wisdom-power-light remains in my being. I can choose to have my focus-attention-consciousness be from that place of being.

Loving God, I am here, asking for my choices to be from my true Self.


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