ACIM Lesson 140 notes.

Only salvation can be said to cure.


“The mind that brings illusion to the truth is really changed.”

This lesson is always confusing. As a person who reads a lot of alternative health articles and takes many supplements, I question if this is how I am meant to seek wellness and health. I turned to Hollie’s notes for some practical guidance. She told the story of needing to hire a gardener to remove the roots of a shrub after cutting it back many times. I resonated with this, especially her describing it as getting to the ‘root-cause’. All my use of healing modalities is like the ongoing pruning of the troublesome shrub.

Hollie added that our worldly treatments support us in our work of mindfulness to weed out where our guilt lies. (Our guilt being where we believe we are separate from God.) If we do the uncovering, God will bring the miracles to remove the root cause.

One last thing, the lesson offers the reminder to spend time with God listening. Answers will come.


“Speak to us, Father, that we may be healed.”

I sat quietly and asked, ‘what from these lessons can I take into my heart?’ I heard that I need to release what is in there.

A change is needed.

Years ago, I wrote of my inner castle along with parts of myself I discovered and placed there. There were shadows (also known as ‘reptiles’ following Caroline Myss’ ‘Entering the Castle’) which I transformed through forgiveness.  Some may still lurk, but I think my inner castle is a safe place. Wish I visited it more. It is mostly dark these days when I do stop in.

It’s time to open the doors!  I need to re-landscape to make it welcoming, a restful place for others. The battles have long ago ended so visitors are now welcome.

“This is the day when separation ends, and we remember who we really are.”

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