ACIM Lesson 139 notes.

I will accept atonement for myself.


“For I remain as God created me.”

“What am I?”

Holy child of God is what I am.

I believe there to be power in a person coming to the stage of life where the ask ‘who am I?’ (Or ‘what am I?’) As I read the first few paragraphs describing how we deny our true Selves, I laughed as I recognized that the ‘who I am’ question shows doubt forming around the persona that we created to be in this world.

I now see the power of this question being the crack in our self-deception that then opens up the desire to see our true Selves. We call this the start of the spiritual journey.

“Thus he becomes uncertain of his life, for what it is has been denied by him. It is for this denial that you need Atonement.”

While reading the lesson, I still felt some tension about the word ‘atonement’ as though it was judging me. With this reflection a new thought has come so I feel more relaxed about it now. It is just a word given to the event of knowing myself as a Holy Child of God. It is just the name for the moment that I release the doubt and the self-denial.

I feel like it is visible on the horizon now. 😊


“For I remain as God created me.”

I still relate to what the first few paragraphs of the lesson describes of us people of this world. I have always found it an admirable question to ask, ‘who am I?’ Perhaps it is a good threshold to cross to begin the seeking along the spiritual path. I have learned along the way that there are so many parts influencing all my experiences: angels and demons; four parts to my brain; body, mind, spirit; worldly self and High Self, to name just a few. All of these influences fly across the stage of my mind – players in the game.

The stress of the past few weeks has made it difficult for me to step back into who is my true Self in this world, the observer (written about in lesson 102).

Body, rest. Mind, rest.

Spirit, please come forward so your light, joy, peace, and strength are known to me – to be heard over the cacophony of signals that come in from all the other parts of this worldly self.

All is well.

It is OK to rest as I accept atonement for myself.


For I remain as God created me.

What is atonement?

What is it versus salvation?

Atonement – the act of recognizing your true self; Oneness with God.

Salvation-world without suffering, no ego, knowing who you are.

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