ACIM Lesson 135 notes.

If I defend myself, I am attacked.


“But in defenselessness I will be strong, and I will learn what my defenses hide.”

This is a long lesson which offers much about the nature of body, mind, and our True Selves.

We are reminded that we are not our bodies. And that if our mind can stop its creation of illusions that the body will self-heal (as in returning to its natural state of health).

We are told that ‘a healed mind does not plan’. A healed mind is one that sees, and understands, that it creates the attacker and the reaction. It is our choice on how we see the things of this world, our judgements of good and bad, which cause us to live defensively.

“Defenses are the plans you undertake to make against the truth. Their aim is to select what you approve, and disregard what you consider incompatible with your beliefs of your reality.”

The lesson then brings us to trust in God. We are reminded that we are guided and supported if only we quiet the mind to hear.

Let today be the day! “He has remembered you.”

I intend to never forget.


“But in defenselessness I will be strong, and I will learn what my defenses hide.”

My attention wobbled as it is a long lesson to read when I had my mind on important things to do this day. The words grabbed my attention when I got to the part about being defenseless.


I step back into humility, vulnerability, and (mostly) trust in God.

Your way, not mine, dear Lord.

Love now flows bringing me peace. I will trust that joy and strength will follow. Teach me.

“Try not to shape this day …”


This is a special day of learning.

Rise up, Tricia!

My mind has been working so hard to figure out what action to take. What was my promise to God?

This lesson says to learn from our need to defend ourselves. Let this trigger awareness that I’m separating from God in that moment.

God’s plan is best.

I can just relax my mind and wait to see what unfolds. Now is good. Now is wonderful! In God I trust.

I am Loved. Allow Love to Love me.

This is my Eastertime.

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