ACIM Lesson 133 notes.

I will not value what is valueless.


“Heaven itself is reached with empty hands and open minds, which come with nothing to find everything and claim it as their own.”

Empty hands, meaning a body that is not burdened. Open minds, meaning a mind that is settled and clear. In this way the heart, which is our sense of our Loving Selves, can lead in the choice making.

What is of value is what is eternal and offered to everyone. It will be that which serves my expansion into the flow of Love.

What is of value God has made innate within my being.


Retirement has been tough. It opens many questions about who I thought I was and who I really am. I miss the self-esteem that came from the successful career I had. I miss being admired as the person who had the answers. That is over, but I don’t know what is next.

I feel I need to esteem myself for just being, not it being about what I do.

I am of value. I want to know it here, within my being and every cell of my body.

Holy Child of God, I wish to feel you.

“What is valuable belongs to me.”


As I read this lesson, my mind found similarity with what I read last night within Kathleen McGowan’s book, The Source of Miracles, section on Abundance.

The ideas were the same regarding getting clear … clarity, on what you are asking for.

God will provide, get to know what has value.

Kathleen’s book is an in-depth discovery of the Lord’s Prayer (Our Father).

In Hollie’s notes, she refers to the Introduction to the course, that it holds the essence of all the difficult lessons.

I wonder if the Lord’s Prayer also holds everything ACIM teaches? Hmmmm….

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