ACIM Lesson 131 notes.

No one can fail who seeks to reach the truth.


“I ask to see a different world, and think a different kind of thought from those I made.”

Is there something here for me? [The peace of God.]

Yes! That is what I seek!

I do not trust this place. I see it as separate from God so that anxiousness seems warranted as I believe God’s peace is not here.

“Today we will not choose paradox instead of truth.”

This place is not separate from God … from Love – that is impossible!

I have good feelings toward the idea of paradox after a lesson on coming to accept paradox to come to harmony. In this instance I am asked to hold out for truth.

The truth is that the peace of God can only ever be where I am as I am as God created me, the image of Source which is Love.

Peace is mine, always and everywhere.

[ ] denotes response from HS.


“Today I seek and find all that I want.”

I listened to the lesson so that I could meditate on the seeking for the door part. I saw my angels of Love and Forgiveness (aka. receiving and giving).

Just a reminder: in giving we are letting go of our personal beliefs (based on our fears) … we give up the need to control.

The first half of the lesson is to bring awareness to all our wrong beliefs about this world so that we can let go. By seeking, we are asking to receive. The door is open to us as we let go, lay down our attachments to the world. The Angel of Love is there, to give what we seek … light, joy, peace, and strength.


Today, I closed my eyes as Hollie read the lesson. I had a vision as I walked through the door into the light. I stepped through, but also felt my Angels give me a push. I spun around and laughed, then ran zigzagging along the whole path of the light filled space. Laughter turned to joy, and then overwhelm. I laid down on the path.

The reading ended and I could feel the great light diminish. I was asked, ‘why are you lying there?’  by a scary booming God voice.

I answered, saying that I expected the feeling of love. I expected loved ones and companions. The thought came that they are all in the light and I am still outside of it.

Am I ready to let go of separateness?

Later, I realized Heaven on Earth is bringing the light here and not being happy to go into some separate inner chamber.

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