ACIM Lesson 130 notes.

It is impossible to see two worlds.


“It is impossible to see two worlds which have no overlap of any kind. Seek for the one: the other disappears.”

As I read the lesson, my mind went to what I get anxious about these days, my adult kids. My mind quickly shifted to an image of my death bed where me and my kids share words of open-hearted loving-care.

Why not now?

This is the world that I want.

Do the people I love know that I love them? I can do better. <3


“He (Jesus) cared about real holiness, the connection of things human and divine, the unity of sinners, the coming together of that which was formerly set apart.” ~ Nadia Bolz-Weber, CAC Daily Meditation 5-10-2023.

Jesus saw differently. People came first. He either saw or chose to see their inner light, truth, innocence, apart from what was visible in this world. Hollie explains that the lesson is about choosing to let go of our worldly perceptions and normal reactions — to let go, by our choosing.

“Our small move cand shift us directly into the slipstream of what exists already when the strength that is really behind our move is made of pure Love and faith in us.” ~ Hollie Holden.

“You will know God’s strength upheld you as you made the choice.”

Lord, help me to see the world differently. _/\_


Beyond this world is a world that I want. ~Lesson 129
Let me accept the strength God offers me and see no value in this world, that I may find my freedom and deliverance.

I’m asking for help, God, with this seeing.

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