ACIM Lesson 128 notes.

The world I see holds nothing that I want.


I look around the world wanting my vision to come upon beauty and those that I love. In theory, I know that those I love are not the bodies that I see. I want something new now. I want a view of my loved ones’ spirit, true Selves apart from these bodies. I believe I am asking for true vision.

Will it be magnificent?

I think so!


I thought this morning about a thing I gave to my adult child that I then worried might get damaged. And yet, I also accept the lesson’s teaching that the world holds nothing that I want.

Who am I right now?

I am the Tricia who is engaged in the world at this moment as I am resisting – feeling attachment to some things.

But, I hold no guilt about this as I know with a prayer, some breaths, or a centering intent, that I will shift into my Higher Self perspective. Sometimes I want to play the game. I mostly like to be connected to the light, joy, and peace that abide within me.

Dear Lord, help me to stay aware of the times I choose to be a player in the game. _/\_


As I read the first paragraph, my mind sought to find something in this world that I do want, that is of importance, to prove Christ’s words wrong.

First, I thought of my children and then at other people in general. I thought I had done it, bettered Christ.

But, then I realized that the world I see doesn’t actually hold our souls. We are all limited and distorted images in this world.

God, you are right again! LOL!

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