ACIM Lesson 127 notes.

There is no love but God’s.


Wow! What a lesson! So much information about what Love is and is not.

The lesson says that changing Love is impossible. All our thoughts of judging to limit Love in one direction and turning it on in another is impossible.

“There is no love but God’s, and all of love is His.”

“[Love’s] wholeness is the power holding everything as one, the link between the Father and Son which holds Them both forever as the same.”

When I can expand my mind, I can imagine God as the Consciousness who intends a physical universe that expands and grows. God’s intention is the force that creates. It is Love. Our scientists call it gravity, the name for the mysterious force that attracts matter to itself and holds the cosmos together.

Loving intention creates, in every moment, everything, and everyone!

I am here due to God’s Love, and so is everyone I encounter.

Help me to notice each blessed moment together.


“Love is one. It has no separate parts and no degrees; no kinds nor levels, no divergencies and no distinctions. It is like itself, unchanged throughout. It never alters with a person or a circumstance. It is the Heart of God, and also of His Son.”

Love like the Sun loves the Earth.

God is Love. Love is God.


It’s obvious that I’m learning new stuff today as I had to stop and re-read the lesson several times. My mind places my attention on the meaning of the words instead of the message. Head instead of heart– trying to make sense of God’s love.

I suppose I’m doing OK as I stop myself and try to become open to the new learning. There are a lot of words I can use to describe my minds antics. I’m going to use wobbling as it doesn’t bring negative energies with it.

I’m wobbling in grasping the words of Love offered in this lesson. I know I will gain balance (Help HS!) and take a wonderful step forward.

There is no Love but yours and mine and everyone’s.

I don’t know what Love is. I open to Love’s presence.

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