ACIM Lesson 126 notes.

All I give is given to myself.


“Today we try to understand the truth that giver and receiver are the same.”

With this lesson I am thinking of my notes for lesson 122, on 5-2-2023. I wrote of a vision I had of being supported by the Angel of Forgiveness and the Angel of Love. I received understanding of giving and receiving on that day. I saw that from Love, I receive and in forgiving, I give.

I wrote, ‘In forgiveness I am letting go, releasing blocks, offering my heart to another.”

By letting go, my process is that I have already asked how to see a situation differently and been given a way to peace in seeing the fear and pain acting in the other. The blocks in my energy field can be released as I find empathy for the other person, and myself. I find that there is always a fear or pain in my past that allows me to relate to how the other is feeling. My heart opens, improving the flow in my field of Love/light which then gives to me. I believe that this heals any energetic ties between us.


As I read the lesson, a part of me said, ‘I know forgiveness as giving and receiving are the same’. Another side of me was moving along, trying to take in the words of the lesson, told me that there is more to learn.

Dear Lord, I open to this lesson and what you want it to tell me. Please help.

“Imagine how it would be for us to realize there is no difference between your healing and mine.” ~ Hollie Holden.

I chose to read Hollie’s notes before proceeding. She very clearly described what my inner conflict is about: my mind thinking it can understand forgiveness. I am grateful for that inner voice that questioned.

We are told in the lesson to ask for help, to not take a concept into our mind, but in each situation to align with Love to bring that energy into action … to let Love give us guidance.

Forgiveness is a miracle. It is an action taken by God that has effect on all souls involved.


This lesson is about understanding true forgiveness.

I went into meditation. And put attention on my head where I was feeling pain. To my jaw, I felt gratitude. I thanked the muscles, the joints, and the cells for all their hard work over the years.

Next, I went to my eyes. I felt humble, relative to all that they do for me. I sent gratitude to my whole vision system, that I don’t understand how it functions.

I felt energy move from my eyes to my face, back to my ears, to the back of my head, then down into my shoulders. I felt grateful.

There is good and bad in everything. (Help me find neutrality.)

Pain is seen as bad but may have a function that is good. Perhaps my lesson is to find the thing to be grateful for. Then, the false thoughts of judgment and self-righteousness can lead to the true forgiveness of open heartedness.

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