ACIM Lesson 116 notes.

Review of lessons 101 & 102.


101] God’s will for me is perfect happiness.102] I share God’s will for happiness for me.I can suffer ONLY from the belief that there is another will apart from God’s. This is big! There is some resistance to this when I think of God as a person whose will is imposing on mine. When the thought of me not as a separate self, as part of a bigger whole, that God, as Love, forms, draws together, then God’s will is the correct one for me to accept. This will comes from the Higher mind, the consciousness of All-That-Is.I chose to do my part in service of the Whole. Happiness is in connection with the One.


[101] God’s will for me is perfect happiness.

I so suffer when I stay in my belief in my own way (my will) over God’s will. Life is happier when I let go and flow in God’s way.

[102] I share God’s will for my happiness.

I’ve begun to notice how life is when I trust in God: lighter, happier, peaceful.

Light and joy and peace abide in me … And flow out.


101 – God’s will for me is perfect happiness.

“And I can suffer but from the belief there is another will apart from His.”

This falls perfectly in line with the ‘surrender’ lesson I just worked on in my ‘six-petal-rose’ book.

(I just had a nice synchronicity happen when I surrendered my worry about something.)

I accept God’s will for me of perfect happiness!

I no longer feel resistance to this, so I think I did a good job with lesson 101 and 103.

102 – I share God’s will for perfect happiness for me.

Feeling some resistance to this. It feels like it is not speaking my truth. Of course, I want to be happy, elated even. I just declared that I accept God’s will for my happiness. Also, I’m working on surrender – God’s will, not mine. I am God’s child, so I am Loved beyond my comprehension.

This is that trust in God thing again!

Where I am today, I don’t think I lack trust in God, but more that I want to still control. I want things to happen my way–easy, not too disruptive.

Perhaps I don’t trust God, he/she has a history of really big actions in the lives of historic figures.

I want love, light, happiness, community, comfort, and growth.

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