ACIM Lesson 111 notes.

Review of lessons 91 & 92.


91] Miracles are seen in the light.

92] Miracles are seen in the light, and light and strength are one.

I want to see.

I lift my head to look upon a light filled world. It is the strength from the Love of God that empowers me to raise my head and look around to see a world different to what I expected it to be.

Show me.


[91] Miracles are seen in the light.

My inner innocence shines more brightly each day, with each additional lesson. I am the Holy Child of God whose vision is steady and whose will is strong to see past the illusions to God’s presence in the world.

[92] Miracles are seen in the light, and light and strength are one.

It is God’s strength, gifted to me, that keeps me moving forward on my path. The unexpected appears but with God’s strength I have support to travel through. Looking back, I see only the gifts bestowed on me and my journey.


91-Miracles are seen in the light.

Ask for help to see issues differently, for the light to be turned onto them.

Two world issues came into my awareness this week.

  1. Dr. Mercola, writing about restrictions on fertilizer shipments to the world due to the war between Russia and the Ukraine, ended the article by saying perhaps this would prompt US farms will return to regenerative/natural practices.
  2. A court over-ruled the transportation mask mandates which the White House said that they would not appeal or enforce mask usage. For the first time I saw the mandates/executive orders differently. Instead of being authoritative, I saw them democratic. What if the executives knew all along that they went against laws and rights, but they had to take action because of health and safety. And, also to ease the fears of a big portion of the population. What if it was their intension that the ‘checks and balances’ would come into play with the judicial and legislative sides acting when another portion of the population rose up to restore rights?

New perspectives.

Miracles are seen in the light.

92-Miracles are seen in the light, and light and strength are one.

Light is strength which dispels the dark.

The news stories I just wrote about, when I could see them differently, my heart lifted and I felt good … empowered.

The dark beliefs would be the fear that we will all starve and that government officials are becoming dictators, stealing all our rights. These ideas made me feel powerless. Seeing things differently, within the light, gave me strength.


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