ACIM Lesson 107 notes.

Truth will correct all errors in my mind.


“Begin by asking Him who goes with you upon this undertaking that He be in your awareness as we go with Him.”

Where are we going?

We are going on our walk of truth, mentored by the Holy Spirit.

I signed up and SEE the evidence that our trip has begun. Here is a change that I have noticed … when my mind goes into planning mode, I can settle it down by noticing. My thoughts change to saying that things will proceed better if I trust God and know that HS will guide my words. For example, one of my adult kids has a problem. This stresses me so my mind spins through solutions and things to say. I know that conversations are never going to play out as my mind foresees. The old me would have added more anxiety to my pondering and later, during the conversation, I’d try to force the interaction to go per my plan. (Crazy!)

Recently, my thoughts brought a couple of jewels that I put on a short list to mention to my kid and then let go. I find I am happier after conversations; I trusted that I said what was needed in the moment. (Thanks HS) This is me being more authentic which I find people relate to this me better than the old me.

Planning took me out of the flow; therefore I did not receive back Love in flow. This explains a lifetime of unsatisfying conversations. I am learning and expanding. And happy.


From the first paragraph, our errors are the illusion we perceive and react to in our minds.

“Where truth has entered errors disappear … they are gone because, without belief, they have no life.”

I have a new appreciation of the power of truth to change belief and fix the illusions of this world. My reflection went on to wonder why the world is such a mess if truth does not change or hide? It stands in the light. Why can’t the declaration of “God is Love!” stop all the competition and killing?

I read on further …

“Truth will correct all errors in my mind.”

Truth’s power is in my mind, and others’ minds. It is within me that the illusions form, are spread by my belief. And they can vanish once I question and no longer believe. As I doubt the illusions, so must others.

“And I will rest I Him who is my Self.”

4-17-2022 – Easter Sunday

How we long for Truth in these times. On every subject we can see that we have not been raised with information that is true: history, religion, gender roles, politics, nationalism, race relations, health. There is so much I have learned outside of what are the basics our society gives as information in the upbringing of adults.

Truth will correct all errors in my mind.

And I will rest in Him who is my Self.

The greatest Truth that we all need is to really know ‘who am I?’ This is what the Course is peeling away the errors to reveal the light of the True me!

All the errors in the information I have been given, I see as ways to control me, to keep me from being/expressing my true self. All so, I fit into the functioning of society.

No blame!

There is the need within a tribe for the group to work together and support the whole. Perhaps it’s due to the size, and variability, of the tribes we connect to today, each one causing us to squash another part of our creative light just to fit in.

I want my magic back.

I will rest in him who is my Self.

When I shine my true light, I feel closest to God.

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