ACIM Lesson 105 notes.

God’s peace and joy are mine.


Yesterday I listened to a podcast with Fr. Richard. The title is ‘The Tragic Sense of Life’. The notes for the podcast say, “We explore the ways in which love and suffering intertwine.” (, ‘Everything Belongs’, S2:E4)

I love how ACIM supports my desire to see the world with Love and that peace and joy are already and always mine. So, this podcast that spoke of the necessity of suffering is very uncomfortable for me.

I just randomly opened the ACIM text hoping for understanding. I read T.10.IV, the last paragraph, entitled ‘The End of Sickness’. It called me to think of eternal reality instead of the temporal.

It appears that ACIM is a different path, to see the eternal, Love, in everything versus the other path of being resistant. In this physical world, I see this as bringing suffering as love needs to flow.

The river metaphor is very relevant here. Choosing Loving, eternal, reality means moving with, and accepting, the circumstances the River of Love brings along. The choice of focus on the physical (suffering) world means building dams of resistance to the flow of Love and having catastrophic failures occur (engineering terms for dam or structural failure). Following the dam break (suffering), Love will flow in and there is the potential for transformation.

God’s peace and joy are mine … in gratitude.


“Receive His gift of joy and peace today, and He will thank you for His gift to Him.”

I have been needed this week by my kids and it has felt good. I gave and received good feelings of being needed. But my mind won’t let go of making itself involved — it perceives a problem and needs to fix it.

It is not my direct problem of responsibility. I am here to help if needed. I feel myself wanting to control the situation, to fix everything to how I want.

Let go, Tricia!

God’s joy and peace I offer to myself and my loved ones. May God’s Love flow from this in way that are of the greatest benefit … with peace and joy for all involved.


I’m happy I spent yesterday affirming what today’s lesson requests of us – to practice the receipt of God’s peace and joy.

We are asked to be aware of our blocking the receipt of the gifts and are told of the expansion of the giver, God in this case, by giving.

“True giving is creation. It extends the limitless to the unlimited, eternity to timelessness and love unto itself.”

In receiving God’s gifts, we are in service to the All.

God’s peace and joy are mine.

Good Friday 2022

In the CAC newsletter, the reading spoke of horrors people brought upon people over the last century, “If we would follow Christ crucified, we would retrieve the tears that flowed …” ~, ‘Following Christ Crucified’, 4-15-2022.

The article listed so many tragedies that I did not want to look at it. But it brought to me the understanding that ‘Christ crucified’ was the image of man’s violence on man that we could not turn away from. It is a violent image passed over 2000 years that we could not pretend was not a part of us.

Now I’m thinking of the violent executions witnessed by the community, in all our psyches. _/\_

Obviously, there are people who don’t hide from violence. (I’m right, they were wrong therefore punishment is justified.) Many accept the violence, not me. I hide from it.

How does the crucified Christ bring us together?

We killed Love with our righteousness or our indifference – our fears manifested in our differing ways.

I’m still killing Love with my fear, indifference, shielding myself.

I am most happy when I am interacting. Just do it!

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