ACIM Lesson 99 notes.

Salvation is my only function here.


This is a complex lesson. I am going to try to simplify the wording to help me understand.

“Salvation and forgiveness are the same.” They both show that separate thoughts (illusion) happen outside of the Loving Mind. This being impossible, forgiveness of the impossible is needed to return to truth. The mind that thinks thoughts of sin, pain, death, and loss is separate from God. What joins the separate mind with God’s Mind?

The Holy Spirit holds God’s Plan. HS sees past Earthly pain to hold for us that “God is still Love, and this is not His Will.” This is the thought that saves by returning us to our true Selves, thereby it has a function – it works to move us through forgiveness to our true state of Salvation.

I am part of the team working on salvation as HS is with me.

“It is God’s Will your mind be One with His [Hers].”

Salvation (forgiveness by seeing past the mis-perceptions) is my only function (the work I undertake at HS’s guidance) here (this physical realm where a separate mind thinks that it is alone).


Happy Easter!

Thank you HS, for the regular reminders to turn my mind to the lesson yesterday. 😊

“Salvation and forgiveness are the same.”

The lesson speaks of a space, a borderland, called salvation, between truth and illusion. Part of mind thinks it needs to cross it … a distant goal requiring much work. Another part of my mind says to just collapse it as it is based on illusion … thoughts of separation.

Can I be in the world and not of it?

Christ did it! (And is it!) He stood on the foundation of truth which gave him vision of peoples’ true selves which provided him a clear understanding of a situation.

I recently had a confrontational conversation in which I held compassion for the other, the outcome went extremely well. This is telling me that there is more to my understanding of compassion (what I gained from reading of the Buddha’s journey to enlightenment).

My reflection began with how I am to see others differently, with a compassion based on knowing we all have our struggles and fears. But then, I realized that this was still seeing from a separate viewpoint – Love was missing. We all struggle and fear, so we feel the need to protect ourselves. As one being, caring for the Whole, let’s do our part, together, to heal the world.

“Forgive what you have made and you are saved.”

“God is still Love.”


Yesterday in the Facebook group someone posted the big question: how could God allow the painful events that we encounter? An answer came to my mind, that God is above the details of our lives and world. I was pleased to see this lesson states the same.

“God is still Love, and this is not His will.”

“Salvation and Forgiveness are the same.”

In my mind this supports my idea that salvation and Christ consciousness are the same. Some eastern writings describe Christ consciousness as a step in a process: man –> Christ-man –> God-man.

I can accept that this is my only function here, to forgive, see the illusion, and move into Christ consciousness.

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