ACIM Lesson 96 notes.

Salvation comes from my one Self.


It seems my rambling yesterday had a purpose. My reflection on mind, body, and Self made me take notice of today’s lesson.

“Spirit makes use of mind as means to find its Self expression. And the mind which serves the spirit is at peace and filled with joy. Its power comes from spirit, and it is fulfilling happily its function here. Yet mind can also see itself divorced from spirit, and perceive itself within a body it confuses with itself. Without its function then it has no peace, and happiness is alien to its thoughts.”

Oh! My mind can serve the illusion or the truth! It is not independent or benign. I choose who it serves, self or Self.

In the meditation, I moved my focus to feel the layers of me. First my focus was in my body, then my torus energy field (which I think of as mind), and then behind this where I sense my Higher Self. I asked HS to wrap my mind/torus in an embrace. I saw my torus turn into a purple grape and heard, ‘its like grapes on a vine’.

I envisioned the grape on the vine and tried to sense the field of the vine. (My first image was of one grape coming off of the vine.) This image did not offer the light of the field. After a minute, I realized that grapes grow in bunches. I returned to the image of the grape vine — the flow of light shined around the grapes and the vine.

I have new questions now about the other grapes who share my field. I will let this go, knowing that the lessons will provide answers.


The first paragraph was truth for me. It gave a name, frantic self, to the part of me I saw in the image with Lesson 94. This self is from my associating my mind, consciousness, with my body instead of with my spirit/soul. We cannot reconcile the illusions of this unreal physical world with the eternal (and true) nature of our higher, true, real, One Self.

“Until you have accepted this you will attempt an endless list of goals you cannot reach.”

Surrender. Trust God’s way.

The lesson says that salvation (freedom) is done, placed by God as a thought in the mind of my true Self. In my meditation, the image given was my higher loving Self comforting my frantic Self. My mind’s attention was on the care of the lower being and mind. The practice asks us to step up into the higher Self’s mind to witness the thoughts that God/Love has put there. I shall try again.

‘All is well, all is well, all is well.’ (This was my mantra I spoke over this world to give myself permission to let things be … and step up.)

I saw a light filled sky around me and felt happy and at peace. I was given insight into all the stress I feel about possible troubles, seeing that they are all my making. I want to be needed so I make up a world in need.

There is a happy place just a simple step away.


“It’s thoughts are mine to use.”

First, I felt resistance to the word salvation. It comes from my old mind of hearing this in church, not understanding, and not believing I would get there. I took a moment to think about what the Course means by salvation.

I recognize it is my awareness moving up into Christ consciousness. I’m now OK with ‘salvation’.

Now, what is this ‘one Self’ that we are trying to align with? The Christ which is the manifested world … creation.

The body of Christ is everything in the Universe. Christ consciousness is the mind/spirit of all God’s body.

Holly explained that ACIM describes the body as neutral, this makes sense as the physical Universe is neutral.

I don’t expect that God identifies with the physical. LOL.

The body is a tool for communication: we talk, we dance, we make love, have body language and facial expressions; we paint and make music. We have many ways the soul expresses through our bodies.

God expressing through the physical makes me think of all the beauty.

Beauty is seen in the faces of the Masters.

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