ACIM Lesson 94 notes.

I am as God create me.


“If you remain as God created you, you must be strong and light must be in you.”

This line from the lesson appealed to me this morning as it spoke of strength. I am feeling strength stretching out in my chest, like a big body yawn after a long rest.

I am God’s child, eternally.

That feels good as strength moves down my belly.

I am as God created me. Here to walk the Earth, to enrich the experience of All-That-Is. This body is a blessing. It gives me wings to experience the other lights oi this world through emotions and senses.

I am God’s child eternally given the gift of this moment’s experience. The light has come.

“True light is strength.”

With the dawn, beauty calls me back into the light.


“The sounds of this world are still, the sights of this world disappear, and all the thoughts that this world ever held are wiped away forever by this one idea.”

I had several thoughts to reflect on in these notes this morning. I could have confessed to not doing the practice periods or wrote about one more way that I don’t trust God. Instead, I read Hollie’s notes which took me to another place.

“Relax your striving, put your crown on and get still enough to let the truth that has always been there bubble up in you. And let go of how it happens.” ~ Hollie Holden

I don’t need to do anything. Al the thought of what I do and don’t do in my relationships are spinning madness. All the questions of better things I could do to fill my day just make me anxious. These are not who God created me to be.

As I sat quietly, an image formed.

A small me in the lower left corner with a higher Self off to the right. Little me was offered peace, I gobbled it up. Next, offered Love, I wrapped it around me like a blanket. Next truth, I stood in its light. The light, I swam in it.

I questioned why my attention was with my small self instead of my higher Self. My attention switched to that perspective to see my smaller self spinning out of control (a ball with arms and legs flying out like a Tasmanian devil cartoon character).

I felt frustrated by the scene but let go to higher thoughts to give aid. Love was the only solution. So we settled in to the higher feeling of Love and sent it to little me. She settled down to sleep like a little baby.

Is this what we look like from above … craziness?

“What would you have me do? Where would you have me go? What would you have me say, and to whom?”

This quote coming to mind says to me that I am meant to be doing something. What? Where? For whom?

“I am as God created me.”


What is the truth of myself?

[Light and Love.]

Can you please give me words that will reach deeper into me to provide more ‘in-sight’?

[What words? These are the strong words; you choose to reject. In-sight. Your sight needs work. You must stop turning away. Share your light! Toss away the bushel basket! Just trust instead of ‘working’ on so much ‘understanding’.]

(Much courage was needed to post being reprimanded by HS. ☹)

My thoughts go to what I wrote yesterday (Lesson 93). There is ‘work’ on the path when that is our belief (ie. Karma, or our belief in sin).

Or there is the Course way of seeing, “I am as God created me.” Love and Light.

“Here is salvation accomplished. Here is sanity restored.”

From Hollies notes, 4-4-2022.

“Relax our ideas about ourselves.

“Relax your striving, put your crown on and get still enough to let the truth that has always been there bubble up in you. And let go of how it happens.”

[ ] denotes answer from HS.

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