ACIM Lesson 92 notes.

Miracles are seen in the light, and light and strength are one.


“It (strength) brings the light in which your Self appears.”

For my homework this month, I wrote a paper with focus on integrity. I noted that when acting with integrity that I feel strong. Integrity is acting for the truth of who you are –Self (with a capital ‘S’).

It is a choice to go inward to connect to the light of your being, to removed the bushel basket covering it, and have courage to act from your True Self. Because it takes mustering up courage to shine, I am surprised by the strength I feel in my authentic Self.

“Strength comes from truth, and shines with light its Source has given it.”

I think that I am a body and, therefore, limited. I have been gifted this unlimited Self within. It is only my choice that restricts its acting in this world.

“Strength is shared.”

Gifts from God are meant to be shared.


“The idea is to perceive the light in everyone and everything so that the strength of God can work through us to bring miraculous shifts and outcomes and new ways of seeing.” ~ Hollie Holden

This lesson is a lot of work but needed at this time. I am worried about my kid, and, from the Course, I know the worry serves no purpose. It is a sign of grievances, showing that I have beliefs in separation and don’t trust God.

The worry builds and then I reach back toward Love. Three days ago, I cracked open the text for guidance and received:

“God’s child is guiltless.” T.14.V.2.1


I have called on this declaration several times to lighten my worry. Guiltless … innocent … these thoughts bring the light to dispel the dark of the worries my mind generates.

It is the strength I feel as the light flows within me.


This lesson tries to breakdown our beliefs on how we see and think in the body — separate from Source. With seeing, I think of Sadhguru speaking of how everything we see, that we think as solid and real, is just an upside-down image formed in our brain from photon inputs.

See with my heart!

I wish to see and know what I am experiencing from my HS mind.

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