ACIM Lesson 91 notes.

Miracles are seen in light.


I am light.

I followed the practice and felt the Love in my heart. I took my focus off of my eyes, seeking vision, and moved my focus back behind my head (as I recall learning from Michael Singer). I felt the flow in my toroidal field.

I had an experience.

This brought me to think about Fr. Richard’s teaching of ‘the Holy Balancing Act’ (2-6-2023 Daily Meditation, It said that to be a Christian in balance took evaluation of 3 authorities — he used a tricycle metaphor. The two back wheels he described as the outer authority of tradition and scripture. The tricycle’s front wheel is the inner authority of experience.

Today, I understand this teaching better as my recent seminary studies have me seeing authorities of tradition versus scripture very clearly in various Christian denominations.

Fr. Richard said in the meditation that Christian religions have not taught of the role of experience but asked how it could be avoided as everything we take in is filtered through our experiences. (He gives a nod to some churches promoting prayer as how experience may have been brought in to aid with growth in faith. He is always gracious in seeing things from another perspective.)

ACIM uses experience to teach. Miracles are experience! Is ACIM a unicycle?

On reflection, I see tradition as the cause for the ‘undoing’ lessons of the workbook. And when ACIM references Gospel scriptures, it seems for me it is so they act as validation for ACIM teaching of true perception.

I can see how the tricycle metaphor would be very useful for Christian students to assess problems and questions they may have. I wonder if this metaphor works for other religions. For ACIM?

There is something happening here with timing, giving authority to the past versus living in the present.

Receiving God’s grace does not involve the past. Living and loving are happening now. Our experience of light and miracles are happening NOW.


“The body’s eyes do not perceive the light. But I am not a body. What am I?”

I am the holy child of God.

“I am not weak, but strong. I am not helpless, but all powerful. I am not limited, but unlimited.”

I am not unworthy but receiving all God’s Love.

I am not at risk of hurt and pain but exist within Love’s presence.

I am not a mistake but am just as God wills me to be.

The light has come.


“The body’s eyes do not perceive the light. But I am not a body. What am I?”

I’ve known I’m not my body for a long time. I do see miracles and synchronicities. But I do try to see in the dark and I limit my light, or forget about it all together.

I know this lesson has more for me to gain but I’m not there yet.

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