ACIM Lesson 85 notes.

Review of lessons 69 & 70.


69] My grievances hide the light of the world in me.

70] My salvation comes from me.

It’s all within me and, as such, is my choice.

“… light and vision must be joined to see.”

I choose to lay down grievances so I may see with the eyes of Love. I will find salvation in the expansion of my heart. The light and beauty of the loving world I see will inspire my blossoming.


[69] My grievances hide the light of the world in me.

“To see, I must lay grievances aside. I want to see, and this will be the means by which I succeed.”

[70] My salvation comes from me.

“It is in me because its Source is there.”


69-My grievances hide the light of the world in me.

I’m trying to skip this lesson. The word ‘grievances’ is bringing up resistance in me.

“Let me not use this as a block to my sight.”

Why? Is a grievance a sign of imperfection? Why, this morning, am I feeling like I need to defend perfection?

It seems to me that my looking for perfection and then judging everything against this (as I perceive it) are major grievances within me that I lay over this world. I have grievances about grievances happening within! 😊


The trees that I see I call perfect and feel peace flow through my insides.

“My grievances hide the light of the world in me.”

Trees are perfect because I appreciate them as beauty of God’s creation. But if I don’t see the beauty in other things then I judge and create grievances.

Who am I to judge?

I am light, love, truth, Christ when I am open to the flow of these things.

My judgement and grievances stop the flow. I form an opinion, label, classify, try to control the flow by thinking I will be safe from the unknown as I pretend that ‘I know’. I want more than this.

I want to flow.

Great Love, help me to stop blocking!

70-My salvation comes from me.

In the lesson 69 review, I just went outside myself to ask for help. Am I right or wrong?

We are told ‘ask and you shall receive’ and yet salvation comes from within me.

Great Love that is within me, please help me to not block/control what I experience but allow me to accept the experiences.

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