ACIM Lesson 84 notes.

Review of lessons 67 & 68.


67] Love created me like itself.

68] Love holds no grievances.

“Grievances are completely alien to love.”

Why do I choose grievances and attack? I don’t live in this world as Love, the likeness of my Creator. I choose to do more each day to not attack or hold grievances, but if I truly knew who I am there would be no choice to make. As Love, I could only act in Love.

Great Love, separation is so difficult. It causes me to behave in ways that I don’t want, and it doesn’t support how I want it to be.

I am Love. I am Love. I am Love.


[67] Love created me like itself.

“I am not a body.”

I am the loving presence.

[68] Love holds no grievance.

“Grievances attack Love and keep it’s light obscure.”

Lord, help me to no longer attack my light, my Self.


67-Love created me like itself.

I see my reflection on my laptop screen. It reminds me that I did my ‘mirror work’ to see myself and love myself (Louise Hay process).

I love you Tricia. I like what I see. It’s been a while since I took notice of this part of my Self … body, mind, spirit.

Love created me like itself.

Hello Love!

I see Love looking back at me now. Hello Love!

How my life would change if this face could look upon others this way, saying, ‘hello Love!’

68-Love holds no grievances.

Thinking of ego attacking the self in the mistaken belief that this will keep us safe.

When I let all my grievances go, I will know I am perfectly safe.

I pray with my consciousness expanded to the collective consciousness, that it is alright … everything is alright. We can release the fear … that the change will be fine.

Accept, release, all will be well. We’re going to be OK.

Time to open our hearts and just care for each other.

No more harm.

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