ACIM Lesson 80 notes.

Let me recognize my problems have been solved.


This month in seminary we are studying Christianity. We are asked to incorporate into our lives a daily practice influenced by this religion. My practice for Islam was to pray a Loving-kindness prayer (learned during the month I was studying Buddhism) five times a day. At the beginning of the month, I decided to pray a new translation of ‘the Lord’s Prayer’ five times a day.

Well, I have not had much success with memorizing the prayer, so this delays me in connecting to Source the five times a day I intend.

This lesson reminds me of my goal of wanting to pray often throughout the day. The one problem is separation, so I seek to connect often to the field of Love that is my Source.

I am offered peace and I accept.

I will simplify my practice to just breathe and pray sacred Christian names.

‘Christ be with me. Holy Spirit be with me. Father/Mother be with me.’

I feel connected and at peace.


Belief in separation is the problem. Love is the answer.

Love that comes to me, flows from me, surrounds me, as it is in all things, everywhere, is the Universe.

“One problem, one solution. Accept the peace this simple statement brings.”

I feel good, but not all of the way into the peace offered to me. I am not separate; the evidence is that I am. (At least there seems to be more evidence in this world of separation than wholeness.) I have experienced connection. I have received miracles as answered prayers. In my meditations and reflections, I have felt the connection to the Higher Love. I want more. I want to know.

“Let me recognize my problems have been solved.”


I’m still trying to get my head around that there is only one problem – separation.

As I read, my thoughts were on coming up with a test to see if this was true. Then, to be told by the lesson that my problem has been solved, I’m not ready to think about this.

“You have recognized your only problem, opening the way for the Holy Spirit to give you God’s answer.”

OK, I am ready and able to do this. I feel I can back into acceptance of there being only one problem, that is already solved.

I surrender! Thank God!

One problem. One solution. Peace!

My problems have been solved. I am not separate from God. Just ask for help!

“Let me recognize my problems have been solved.”

Be honest with myself and don’t create problems/grievances where there are none.

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