ACIM Lesson 78 notes.

Let miracles replace all grievances.


“Let me behold my savior in this one You have appointed …”

Last week I had a conversation with a loved one to tell them of something I noticed in them. I have noticed it for a long time, so it has built frustration in me. I told them and am now feeling more compassion toward them.

Another loved one came up for the practice of the lesson. I hold fear for them. I followed the guided reflection in the lesson and saw them shine brighter than the Sun.

My mind interrupted to ask to know what it is about this one so I can tell them like I did last week with my other beloved. Before my mind went too far down the path of analyzing them, the idea came, ‘is the image of them as light not enough?’

The words of the lesson declared them as my ‘savior’. I accepted that to let it fill the space in my mind that was looking for words.

My savior. My love. My light. I have shifted.

Dear Lord, let this shift in me spread.


“God thanks you (me) for these quiet times today in which you (I) laid your (my) images aside, and looked upon the miracle of Love the Holy Spirit showed you (me) in their place.”

Such a lovely practice.

HS Brought fourth the person and the true image just as stated in the lesson. I saw how my desire for perfection laid false images on this loved one. The true image emerged of him as a being of light. My heart swelled with gratitude for his decision to share his life experience with me. I love you. I was wrong to think I could control you.

Miracles have replaced grievances.


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