ACIM Lesson 76 notes.

I am under no laws but God’s.


Salvation, being the knowing of the Presence of Love within us, is what we seek. The first two paragraphs of the lesson are reminding us of this. My thoughts return to my notes from yesterday’s lesson. Why do we expect salvation to be so difficult?

The ‘old me’ whispers, ‘I am not worthy.’

Nonsense! Holy Child of God, you are greatly Loved! And, as paragraph 10 states, you are here with a purpose of being God’s channel for creation.

God’s Love was placed inside us to flow. (Love is a force and not a thing.) We are provided for.

“Love, which created me, is what I am.” (L229)

I will know what to do, where to go, what to say, and how to be when I let go to be in the flow of Love.

My True Self knows God’s way. I am listening.


“While you seek for it (salvation) in things that have no meaning, you bind yourself to laws that make no sense. Thus do you seek to prove salvation where it is not.”

I feel resistance to the words in the heading of this lesson. I am under many laws besides God’s, and as a good girl, I make them important so I don’t mess up. I want to act correctly in this world. But this is not who I am.

This week, I’ve been taking an online course on technical writing. I like the class as I appreciate all the logical processes it offers. This makes me think of my role as an engineer, there were times that I let this role define me. I sought my happiness from compliments on my work. Many times when I thought to introduce myself, my mind went to this job, even over my personal identity as wife and mother.

The laws of this world put us into roles, then we, along with others, judge our performance. We think that love and happiness come from this.

I am not these roles I might step into in this world. I choose to follow its rules because of my caring good nature. I’m willing to do my part and avoid conflict (attack and grievances).

I am a holy child of God. And, as such, “I am under no laws but God’s”.

There is such beauty in the 9th and 10th paragraphs of this lesson.

“There is no loss under the laws of God.”

HS affirms that all we need do is open to receive God’s Love along with the endless joy that comes with it. That God yearns to share all this with us so that we will join in the co-creation of a free and saved world.

3-17-23, this helped me to connect with this lesson.


The lesson describes the ‘laws’ we created and believe important in maintaining the safety of the body.

I am under no laws but God’s.

I feel resistance to this, therefore wanting to reflect on God’s laws. Before I got my mind underway, HS said that they will show me … I will be guided.

I am under no laws but God’s.

I am deeply loved and guided to succeed in coming into alignment with this lesson.

“Let us open to God’s channels to Him.”

In Hollie’s notes: she reminded us that giving into God’s will is like ‘Mommy magic’ to a child. Just let go and relax. There is someone who loves and cares for you who has the answer!

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