ACIM Lesson 74 notes.

There is no will but God’s.


As I wrote the lesson title down the question came, ‘Is God’s will the Source of all action?’ Then, in response, I received the image of myself floating in the river of God’s Love. This says to me that God’s will is the field of Love that we live in. We can choose to flow with the river, to be in peace in God’s will, or to resist the flow which causes turbulence in our lives.

“There is no will but God’s”

There is no life, no action, no manifested cosmos without God willing it to be. As for fish who have no life without the ocean around them, so for all beings. There is no life without God’s will projecting the field of Love in which we live, and move, and have our being.


God wills peace for His (child) son.”

My conflicts about everything cannot be real.

P shared a meme of the 2015 Burning Man sculpture ‘Love’ with me this morning. It’s the one depicting the inner children reaching for each other while inside the steel frame adults turned away from each other.

When I look at this art I feel the longing in the children for connection, for the Love to be flowing between them.

Why do I block this?

This is what the Course teaches, for us to live from that innocence, loving presence within us. This is who I am, God’s will, that I want so much. But I still feel that I block. Why???

Someone might take something from me. Someone might disturb my peace (not that I am peaceful like described in this lesson).

I am still protecting myself (like I have the tools for this) instead of trusting God’s will.

“God wills peace for His (child) son.”

Can I just let go a little and try God’s way?

I want to be different, to be more open to letting love flow from me, to others, and back again.



Is my will His? This lesson had me feel resistance, like God is overpowering me. That I must give up my will and accept God’s will. I believe I am meant to realize that they are the same. I am an aspect of God so what I will is as God wills.

But what if I wanted to start a war?

Then I wouldn’t be in alignment with God as I’m choosing fear over Love.

So, when we choose our own will, based on fear, we are out of alignment with God, therefore God’s will would differ from ours. How is this possible?

Because I feel resistance, am I out of alignment with God? Yes, as I’m in fear.

Surrender is the spiritual tool I am familiar with … to consider using here.

“As an expression of the will of God, you have no goal but His.”

I feel I have a long way to go to move my choices away from fear. I am reminded of Michael Singer’s life of surrender (book ‘The Surrender Experiment’). His life always works out and he moves through all the events with joy.

I can work on just surrendering, but I feel I want to understand. Otherwise, it feels like just giving in.

Why am I battling God? I still don’t trust God!


God is Love. God is light. God is law.

Omnipotent. Omniscient. Omnipresent.

Source, Universe, Creator, Being, All That Is, original awareness, quantum field.

I have learned that God’s will is to: evolve, expand, grow, Love, experience. I’m OK with these ideas, but I know (think I know) that experience can include some pretty bad things.

My will includes peace and joy.


ACIM explains that these are the effects of aligning with God’s will!

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