ACIM Lesson 73 notes.

I will there be light.


“Today we are considering the will you share with God.”

Feeling distracted from taking in the lesson today. This moved me to read Hollie’s notes which provided an insight. She told the story of being in a bad mood and synchronicities came (electronics starting on their own and a map book revealing itself). These events got her attention to bring her back into alignment with her True Self.

The guidance that came from her synchronicities reminded me that these things happen in my life all the time. I expect that they happen in everyone’s life all the time – you just have to notice.

The will I share with God is always present, with its messages and guidance. My idle wishes distract me from noticing the directions that come which will lead the way to the what is in my best interest to pursue.

“I will there be light.”

I choose to be guided to the way that is best for myself and others.


“Let me behold the light that reflects God’s will and mine.”

My daily reflection email from CAC was about Teresa of Avila. She spoke on God’s will (as translated by Mirabai Starr):

“He does not require our opinion on the matter (prayer) and, in fact, has every right to point out that we don’t have any idea what we’re asking for. Remember: all you have to do as you begin to cultivate the practice of prayer is to prepare yourself with sincere effort and intent to bring your will into harmony with the will of God.”

I wish God (or HS) would speak up  more often to remind me to slow down, take a few breaths, to find that harmony with Source instead of quickly reacting to the outside world.

“Creation is the will of both together.” *

I should take the time to get past reacting, come into peace with intent to seek God’s will. Quick reaction should be saved for humor and laughter. Quick judgements and negative feelings should be questioned.

How can I see this differently?

God’s will, not mine.*

*I later watched the Monday 3-13 webinar for Everyday Miracles. In it, Robert pointed out that each of these lesson on will say God’s will and my will together (ie. The quote I included above). He told us instead of ‘thy will be done’ it is ‘Our will be done’. How did I miss this?


The wording of this lesson is blocking me. My will is the same as God’s will.

“Let there be light.”

I agree. I want this for me and for All.

I will, with all my heart, for God’s light to be in us all.

This feels good. 😊

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