ACIM Lesson 72 notes.

Holding grievances is an attack on God’s plan for salvation.


“What is salvation, Father? I do not know. Tell me, that I may understand.”

[Salvation is My Love for you in flow. It is the releasing of your blocks and to let life be.]

Tell me how to see others so as to release grievances?

[I am pleased by the big, Loving, question. They are like yourself, afraid to receive, and to be the Love that is flowing to everyone in this system. Wish them peace … that is it. Allow God’s peace do its work on them. Your state of peace will stop their push against the blocks of their walls so they may tumble. Do not be part of that game anymore. The game will end if the ball is not returned.]

I choose peace over grievances.

My grievances are against the actions of a (soul’s) body. Peace can seep past the material presentation (a soul’s body) to the spirit within. It is there that we can meet.


“What is salvation, Father I do not know.”

Is it steps I must take to arrive at a goal? Or … a big burst of light that forever changes me?

The lesson, as well as Hollie’s notes, put attention to our identification with our bodies and the false world created from that. Instead, I want what the practice offers, to ask and receive an answer I can understand.

What is salvation?

[It is me, letting go.]


[Just being.]

So, sit, relax, do nothing?

[Do what inspires you in the moment … like a child.]

Seems wrong to give up planning. Isn’t it needed to meet (coordinate with) others?

[You are controlling who you meet and what you do.]

Don’t I need to plan to move my body and feed the body.

[You’re being difficult … trust the body to signal. Trust God. Trust your life. All is well and can be wonderful. Ask and you shall receive … direction.]

What is salvation?

[Release … freedom.]

Help me to feel it.


“Let me accept it instead.”

What is salvation, Father? Great Love, what does salvation look like for me?

[Not me. All. Oneness. A cuddle.]

What is salvation? I’m not getting it?

[It is being in the Whole, feeling it, away from individual.]

[ ] denotes answer from HS.

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