ACIM Lesson 67 notes.

Love created me like itself.


I have a study group meeting later today where we have been asked to bring something that represents ‘light’ to us. My thoughts went to my ACIM book. Is there a certain lesson or prayer in here that I can offer? What about what I have learned of God and Love and light? My thoughts have been searching for what the image of the book is trying to tell me.

“Love created me like Itself.”

“Today’s idea is a complete and accurate statement of what you are. This is why you are the light of the world.”

Light created me light. I am light. It is me, like the Sun, I get clouded over. By returning to my lessons the clouds are cleared allowing my heart light to shine. The light of me is the Presence of Love within me. ACIM is the tool I use to release the blocks to Love within me.

I was created by Love like Itself.


My new granddaughter arrived yesterday at 11:11 am. Of her, I can believe her angels surround her, that she is connected to Source, and that she is Love – created in the image of Love.

I hope and pray that she is loved and nurtured enough here on Earth to not fall for the belief in separation … like I did.

“Holiness created me holy.”

I am the light of the world.I can believe this but I don’t know this for certain.

Do I know for certain that I am separate from Source?

No, I do not know this. I might believe it, but I certainly don’t hope for this. Therefore, my mind’s connection to separation is just a thin thread without hope, want, or desire.

(Is this the reason for the strong tactics of the ego. My misperceptions and judgements from my mind, there to show me constant proof that I am separate. In reality, it is my false judgements that are the only evidence … curious.)

I choose to snip the thread.

I am a field of Love, always connected to our Loving Creator, God.

I am Love, I am holy, I am kindness, I am perfect, I am peace, I am strength, I am knowing, I am caring, I am beauty.

I am here and now, the Loving Presence.

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