ACIM Lesson 66 notes.

My happiness and my function are one.


This is a lesson that requires the practice periods of contemplation to understand and accept.

“God gives me only happiness. He has given my function to me. Therefore, my function must be happiness.”

The first line was the tough one for me this morning, so I spent time re-reading the lesson and reflecting to find resolution. I am at the point in my growth where I understand God and Love to be the same. For me, God is everything, therefore God is the personal One I can talk to as well as the Cosmic Consciousness, Source, and Creator.

As Love, “God cannot give what He does not have, and He cannot have what He is not.”

I am the one who judges good and bad. Is everything Love, and a probable key to happiness, for me if I were to release judgement? What if I were to lose my legs in a car accident? Not a good loving event – could I let go to find the happiness God sends me?

I suppose it depends on who I identify as me. From the perspective of my soul, this may be what precipitates the growth I seek in this life.

This example feels like a work around to make the lesson true, but I return to the fact that ACIM is talking about (and to) my eternal Holy True Self.

Of the things of this world, I tend to say that there is good and bad in everything. Of my eternal Self, made in the image of God, I am Love and I am happy.


“… because God has given me both.”

“We need great honesty today.”

This lesson has big truths to accept.

“God gives me only happiness. He has given my function to me. Therefore my only function is happiness.”

My doubts rise on the first line, that God gives only happiness.

People say God gives us trials to learn and grow. Seems logical to say that that is not happiness. Though, I expect it is our lack of vision to see the bigger picture, with better outcomes, possibilities that lie outside of our personal wants and expectations. I’ve had many blessing from God that I might not describe as making me happy because I had my own ideas of how things should go. Looking back, reflecting on how past events played out, I can appreciate God’s way (but can still find myself disturbed that things didn’t go to my plan).

I create these disturbances with my planning and judgements. If I surrendered to God’s way from the beginning, made my request, followed guidance to act, and kept an open mind and open heart, I can see how I would be in happiness more then when I want to control.

“God gives me only happiness.”

I want to receive.


“God gives me only happiness.”

God is Love (so true), but what about when divine guidance that brings change to our lives? This can be difficult. The resolution may be Love but there is still pain in the transition.

[Your choice to resist, mind brings the pain and questioning. You can choose to transition in love and gratitude … acceptance.]

“He has given my function to me.”

I don’t question this and yet I don’t put my mind or daily actions to my function.

Is my function happiness? Is it ‘to give and to grow’?

[The second question will bring about the first.]

Why doesn’t my function stay in my mind and direct my actions? Help!

“Therefore my function must be happiness.”

Tricia, take action! Make my actions come from the decision to give and to grow!

Am I giving?

Am I growing?

[] denotes answer from HS.

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