ACIM Lesson 63 notes.

The light of the world brings peace to every mind through my forgiveness.


“I am the means God has appointed for salvation of the world.”

Do my part.

Yesterday in seminary we were reviewing the twelve-step program and were told to ask ourselves to name when we felt powerless. The prompt was to think about when we say to ourselves, ‘Why did I do that again?’ (This was to show us what in our lives was un-managed.) Next, they put us in breakout groups of just two, so we had someone to admit our failing to. The lady I was put with went first and told of some very difficult life experiences she was dealing with. I stayed silent as she talked, aw we are meant to do. I needed to manage reactions of my mind to come up with solutions to share. I let these urges go. There were some resources I thought of to offer her but stayed quiet. When I had my turn, I shared what came up for me from the prompt. As I talked, I found it easy to slip in the resources I thought of (ACIM and Richard Rohr).

It felt unfamiliar to not say, ‘You should …’ as is my habit to offer solutions that my mind arrived at from its lack of perception into another’s life. Before our time ended, she told me that she identified with some of what I had said. I was unsure what that might be. I let this go.

The light of the world is a flowing thing. I should not expect to hold onto it or have it come back to me just so my ego can feel good about how I helped someone. I chose to let God’s love flow through me, to be forgiveness that is sent out into the world. To my mind, it seems counterintuitive that just listening can be healing to another. It is not what I expected service or wisdom to look like. But I also know that it is within my reflections the I receive the wisdom for my growth as I reflect on my experiences. I choose to have faith that others will do the same without my aggrandized problem-solving ability.

I am in your service.


“You are being asked to accept salvation that it may be yours to give.”

This is my important work.

My life is quiet. I constantly think I should be doing more, but what? A job? Volunteer? Join clubs?

I know I need to interact more with people.

My attention and growth with the Course are the right thing for me. But I must also be in the world to practice living in the presence of Love.

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