ACIM Lesson 62 notes.

Forgiveness is my function as the light of the world.


“Remember that in every attack you call upon your own weakness, while each time you forgive you call upon the strength of Christ in you.”

A few months ago, a family member got upset by what another family member said. It was at a family gathering and she reacted very strongly and attacked with harsh words to him. Since, there has been separation in the family making life difficult for those who love them both. I wish I knew the words to say to help her to find forgiveness.

I read this lesson and can only think of them. There is pain because of not wanting to forgive. There is still her justifying her attack; I expect this is her way of protecting herself from guilt, or even shame.

I pray for forgiveness to come. May the flow of Christ’s Love push enough on hearts so they long for resolution and a return to being happy with one another.

“Forgiveness is my function.”

I don’t know how to be of service, so I let go of my judgements and leave it to God.


“I would remember this because I want to be happy.”

A shift happened as I read the lesson. My attention went from forgiveness as the function, what I have ‘to do’ to ‘oh, there is a gift here’.

Giving and receiving.

I am supposed to forgive as my function as a Holy Child of God (and I want to!). I am willing to give as God asks. And there, written in the design of God’s system, it states that I shall receive what I seek … happiness.

In later lessons we are taught that giving and receiving are the same. It makes sense as Love must flow. In the past, I have put up resistance to receiving from others. I want Love to flow so I will give and receive, forgive, and be happy.

“Forgiveness is the demonstration that you are the light of the world.”

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