Let Go.

We had a seminary assignment to write a reflection of our understanding of the following sacred text from the Islam tradition.

“The proof of the sun is the sun; if thou require the proof, do not avert thy face!” (Jelaluddin Rumi, “God’s Proof”)

I was inspired to write the following:

“God, are you there?” “I am right here.” 
“I don’t see you. I went to where they said to find you.” “Shhh.” 
“I’ve sat in prayer and meditation. I did not see you.” “Shhh.” 
“Why don’t you show up like you’re supposed to?!” “Shhh.” 
“What will become of me if I can’t find you?” “Let go.” 
“Oh, there you are. Why were you hiding?” “I have been present waiting for you to become present as well.”

Let Go. A short poem by Tricia Bates Smith, 3-1-2024.

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