ACIM Lesson 49 notes.

God’s voice speaks to me all through the day.


“Try to hear God’s Voice call to you lovingly, reminding you that your Creator has not forgotten His Son.”

This lesson feels special and true for me today. It supports a reflection I had earlier wherein I realized that I act because I think that I should rather than considering what it is that I want.

God broke through my mind’s rambling and my body’s stresses to give me words, images, and feelings to guide me to self-realization.

I want … for my interactions with others to be as uplifting and rewarding as my time within … with God.

They are God too!

What do you want?


When I went into meditation for the practice and asked for God’s message, I heard ‘Love’ like on 2-14. I questioned if this was God’s voice as my hearing only ‘love’ is getting suspect (that I am making it up).

So, I turned it around; I said ‘Love, Love, Love’ slowly in my mind. With each ‘love’ thought I felt tingling as Love’s energy flowed in me.


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