ACIM Lesson 48 notes.

There is nothing to fear.


“God is the strength in which I trust.” (L47)

Chatting with classmates from seminary this week, two told of tense times with people that they have chosen to be in service to. I felt inspired by their acts of giving so I am back to thinking of where I can volunteer. And, I am afraid.

P. reminded me to ‘dare greatly’.* Good advise; it too is inspiring. Still I hesitate.

“There is nothing to fear.”

I feel the truth in this statement.

“The presence of fear is a sure sign you are trusting in your own strength.”

I want to control what comes into my life. I want the choices I make to be of service to be ‘perfect’, where I remain peaceful, for it to be easy, and will not disrupt the things I like in my life now. There is no need for me to analyze these feelings – I just need to let go and trust God.

_/\_ Support is requested. 😊

*Brene’ Brown <3


“The presence of fear is a sure sign that you are trusting in your own strength.”

From yesterday’s lesson notes, something within me has shifted. I trust God. I can say this and feel comfortable within.

I am a controlling personality type so I have put my wants and actions above thoughts of others and God. As an older mom, to look back and see God was present and helping us through all of the events I resisted and feared.

Grace and blessings abound. God’s Love has been in our lives.

I just recalled the most difficult situations for my kids, I provided Love because I called it in to support me through my fears. Thank you for holding me so well. _/\_

God is the Love in which I trust.

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