ACIM Lesson 45 notes.

God is the mind with which I think.


In my practice meditation, when I reached for the eternal, I heard ‘Love’ and felt it in my heart. I expanded the Love field to include my whole body.

“Love which created me is what I am.” (L229)

“What is thought by the Mind of God is eternal, being part of creation.”

Am I a thought of God?

Do I continue because God never forgets me?

Is this Love … the flow of God’s intent to remain steady in God’s thoughts of creation?

‘You are beautiful.’

These words entered my mind, but I don’t know if it is me saying this of God or God saying this of me.

“They are the same thoughts, because they are thought by the same mind.”


“We will also try to understand that only what God would have us do is what we want to do.”

The eighth paragraph inspired me to do the practice meditation. I did feel doubtful that I could achieve to hear anything but then I thought of my many writing periods where I connected (some posted on this blog under ‘Conversations’). So I relaxed as I recalled the past feeling of connection.

I asked to find my real thoughts and heard, ‘Love, Love, Love’. This was not the deep message I was expecting.

Wouldn’t everyone hear this?

Am I hearing a Beatles song?

I asked to feel the Love (recalling that people with NDEs say they are in a field of Love). The Love rose from my feet up to my head. I monitored its rise to appreciate it in my body and energy field. Still “Love” was the heard response.

I asked if there was an action to take and heard, ‘blood’. With this I understood that I was to assist the Love to flow. I see the metaphor here as if humanity is a single body, then Love is the blood. It carries life force to all parts of the body. I am to be a blood cell, to be in actions to move Love around the body.

I must do better.

Don’t be a blood clot Tricia – just another blockage in this world restricting the flow of God’s Love. _/\_

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