ACIM Lesson 42 notes.

God is my strength. Vision is his gift.


It is through being reminded that “God goes with me wherever I go” (L41) that I receive strength. In this way I feel uplifted and loved which gives me the courage to feel that I will be OK interacting with others.

The lesson assures me that it is a ‘cause and effect relationship’ in which I sense my strength to then see with right vision.

“God is indeed your strength, and what He gives is truly given.”

I wish to take what I receive and pass it along to my loved ones so they can also feel God’s strength.


Oh, I’m meant to be listening. I was not sure what the practice wanted of us. Hollie’s notes helped to clarify it.

As I sat in meditation for the practice, I repeated the lesson idea as I breathed. Words of gratitude, thanks to God rose up. 😊

My attention this week has been on healing my body as my gut flared up. I’m learning to ask the discomfort what it has to tell me instead of just sending healing light to the spot. I should extend this idea into my meditation.

God, what have You got to tell me?

Perhaps this is what the lesson is asking us to do.

Later, when I did my practice before bedtime what came to me was, ‘God in me’, then, ‘no, me in God’. At the time I had my hand on my heart which did not seem right. When I changed my hand position, it was both palms open and up near my shoulders. I realized that this was just like Hollies’ photo of the mother and child statue at the Chalice Well in Glastonbury, a special place to me.

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