ACIM Lesson 41 notes.

God goes with me wherever I go.


I am but Love.

I got pulled away from my notes and had a tense moment with P. I questioned where God was. We both managed to go deeper inside to find words that had more meaning than what was on the periphery. I feel back in the flow once again.

God is always with me; I just need to remember to look a bit deeper within me. My heart will show me the way.

Also, I am sure that it must be the same for others. God is with them.

Can I remember to open the space to grace so my companion can also connect to God within themselves? Yes.

This I ask to receive help with. _/\_


And I am so thankful of this!

“God goes with me wherever I go.”

What do I feel God to be … for  me?

God is Love, Joy, the Source of my happiness, the Light of my existence, and the balm that brings peace of mind.

I am loved and supported as a Child of God – part of All That Is.

“Deep within you is everything that is perfect, ready to radiate through you and out into the world.”

Ahhh …. Here is the perfection I sought to bring into this world by my own efforts as a clear cut Enneagram type 1. The perfection was always within, just like the love, peace, and joy I sought.

“You can indeed afford to laugh at fear thoughts, remembering that God goes with you wherever you go.”

I indeed want to laugh at my mistaken thoughts that have driven my life. But even the realization that what I seek is with gets my mind planning on how we can better raise our children so they don’t go the long distance down the difficult path of separation. My mind never thinks to just laugh at the irony of it all – the big plot twist like Dorothy having the power to go home all along. (When I experienced my ‘peak experience’, I laughed so much!)

I am open to laughing at it all Dear Lord.

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