ACIM Lesson 40 notes.

I am blessed as a Son (Child) of God.


I am blessed as a child of God.

I am feeling good that “we will begin to assert some happy things”. Undoing will be ongoing. Still, light and bubbly feelings are in my chest, which wiggly my spine. I am loved.

The CAC ( Daily Meditation (2-9-2024) shared a beautiful poem from Meister Eckhart about the Trinity.

Do you want to know 
what goes on in the core of the Trinity? 
I will tell you. 
In the core of the Trinity 
the Father laughs 
and gives birth to the Son. 
The Son laughs back at the Father 
and gives birth to the Spirit. 
The whole Trinity laughs 
and gives birth to us.

I feel some of that Loving flow.

I am blessed as a child of God.


I was happy for the short lesson with its easy practice requirements. But, now as I sit to write, there is not meat to it. I find nothing to chew (reflect) on.

I am a silly being!

“I am a blessed Child of God.”

I want short lessons that don’t required three reads and a listen to Hollie’s audio read to get the message to cut into my awareness. I want easy practices so I don’t have to feel guilty about missing so many of the required practice periods. And still, I want lesson with content that challenges me and makes me look at myself more closely. (I loved yesterday’s lesson … the words were so personal as they called me to task!)

Sorry Lord, still so much attention on what I want – I do find it amusing though!

Is this all my way of avoiding the truth you want to enter into this child of Yours?

“I am blessed as a Child of God”

I am silly, seeking, doubting but still loving, willing, devoted, and at peace in Your presence. <3 I am blessed. I am a Holy Child of God.

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