ACIM Lesson 38 notes.

There is nothing my holiness cannot do.


I have my doubts with this statement.

“The purpose of today’s exercises is to begin to instill in you a sense that you have dominion over all things because of what you are.”

Definition of dominion: control or the exercise of control; sovereignty.

Dominion over things I can accept as I believe humans can manifest their environment. What about other people? Or nations? Can I truly influence the choices of others to make a more loving world?

My thoughts have gone to a lighthouse; it stands still but helps others by providing its light.

I’ll end here as this needs more reflection …


“Your holiness reverses all the laws of the world”

As I read this first line of the lesson I wanted it to sink in deeper. Holiness is a troublesome word for me. My mind quickly brought me a replacement, ‘pure eternal innocence’.

My pure eternal innocence reverses all the laws of the world.

“There is nothing my holiness cannot do.”

I am blessed, “so is everything God created”. I live in a holy blessed world. In the peace of the morning, I can see it.

Lord, may all humanity seek the vision to see the gift of our lives. _/\_

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