ACIM Lesson 37 notes.

My holiness blesses the world.


“This idea contains the first glimmerings of your true function in this world.”

Before I read this lesson this morning, glimmerings were saying to me that I do have something to offer others. I’ve noticed that lately my interactions are improving. I’ve uplifted a friend; shared loving words with classmates; and noticed some wisdom in my papers for class. (Swimming with the flow of Love is not as difficult as I once believed.)

My notes from last year, for this lesson, have impressed me. As I noticed the ‘glimmerings’ this morning, I thought that they were new. But, a big spark of insight shined a year ago. There is more here for me to accept about me.

“Child of God, you were created to create the good, the beautiful, and the holy. Do not forget this.” (T.1.VII.2.1-2)

It is easier to forget then to think that I have something to offer – that I can make a difference to another person.

“My holiness blesses the world.”

And, as I realized last year, there is no effort to it. I will just be my true self. I can look upon you with an open heart and ask nothing of you.

Be blessed and free in your true being. Namaste’


“Your purpose is to see the world through your own holiness.”

I looked online for and ACIM glossary of terms to get more understanding of what is meant by ‘holiness’. At ACIM.House, it says of holiness, “a quality of divine innocence and purity”. Also, “Holiness is the fundamental and changeless nature of all God creates”.

So innocence is the foundation of myself, others, and all things of this world. If I see my holiness as light, it shines on the people and things I interact with. I could think of reflection as my light shining back … but that does not seem correct. Hmm…….

I believe the lesson is saying that our shining opens others to their shining. I find validation for this in the truth, ‘you reap what you sow’ meaning the vibrations I put out into this world is what is returned to me.

“Those who see themselves as whole make no demands.”

This line brought up the memory of a chapter in James Redfield’s book, Celestine Prophecy’. He described four different personality type we use in our society to pull energy from others. I believe we do this. And, I’ve felt my energy drained by another person.

When we are whole, in our holiness, we don’t take from another, our interaction can leave them in their own wholeness (which is a rare occurrence). This blesses them to work on their own salvation.

“Merely by your quiet recognition that in your holiness are all things blessed along with you.”

In this way we might be offering to another something like …

‘You are a Holy Child of God, not here for my use or interpretation of what you are. Be blessed and free in your pure being.’ _/\_

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