ACIM Lesson 34 notes.

I could see peace instead of this.


“There is another way of looking at the world.” (L33)

“I could see peace instead of this.”

“It is from your peace of mind that a peace perception of the world arises.”

I am feeling turbulent inside after a long class on bias and racism today in seminary.

“I could see peace in this situation instead of what I now see in it.”

Somewhere inside of me there is peace. Do I look for the inner flame that holds eternal Loving Presence? Or do I ask how to see the feelings of pain, hatred, guilt, and shame from our history (still alive today) in a different way to find the peace in understanding?

What is confusing me today is the thought of ‘spiritual bypassing’. Is just dropping into my inner eternal peace in some way wrong? Is the seeking of alternate perception more important than just being Love (from which peace comes)?

I am very good at seeing peace and Love. Am I bypassing life if I don’t look and feel its pain?

Take baby steps, Tricia. I don’t have to look to see it all at once, now, or ever.


“Peace of mind is clearly an internal matter. It must begin with your own thoughts, and then extend outward.”

I am confused about whether being comfortable is a problem. Many spiritual teachers speak of breaking us out of our comfort — to break the old patterns and ‘wake up’! Even Father Richard and CAC are teaching of the prophets as this year’s theme, and how they came to bring awareness to failing systems.

The lesson, and its practice of seeking peace in our thoughts, brought me to think of comfort. Finding peace in worrying thoughts does bring me back to comfort. I am seeing there is a difference. I find that there is a comfort that is unloving and separating.

“I could see peace instead of this.”

The key word here is ‘see’.

We are meant to look and then transform our thoughts. The wrong form of comfort is when we don’t ‘see’ – see the people hurting from our actions, or inaction.

Help me to see, Lord, that I may transform fearful thoughts into peace. Allow me to have peace of mind that brings me comfort in knowing I am within Your loving plan. _/\_

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