ACIM Lesson 33 notes.

There is another way of looking at the world.


I had lunch with friends today. One is approaching 70 years old and sees her life as stressful with the care of her mother, her adult kids, and her grandchildren. The way she talked about herself was so negative. She even said that she hated herself.

I know that there is another way for her to look at her world. I just don’t know how to express this to her.

Another friend called her out on her words and offered instead the idea that it is OK to say that she is fed up with the situations. I offered to her that her negative feelings of frustration or anger are just the ways that internally she is trying to protect herself. Our negative friend seemed happier after being given another way of considering her words.

I do believe there is power is asking, “How can I see this differently?”

The engines of Heaven get to work to bring us the answers we need that will bring us peace for seeing with a new perspective.

I smile as I imagine I was an angel sent from Heaven to fulfill a call for help. I’m glad to be of service.


I smiled as I read the lesson, mostly due to the phrase we are given to say when we feel disturbed.

“There is another way of looking at this.”

This was my main take-away from doing the Course on my own ten years ago. This little statement has opened my perspective, and then my heart, so many times throughout the years. So many blessings from just this one lesson! <3

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