ACIM Lesson 32 notes.

I have invented the world I see.


“I am not the victim of the world I see.” (L31)

I am free to choose.

“I’m ‘struggling’ this morning with what to write. I see loved ones who are struggling in the world they perceive and wish I could help.

I don’t see a difficult world. I notice my mind as it tries to put significance and burden on the few tasks I have given myself each day.

The lessons of the last month have come to mind. I know these lessons can be difficult when first getting familiar with the Course but for me these ‘undoing’ lessons are flowing much easier. Mostly, I see them for the Truth that they are.


“You are not a victim of the world you see because you invented it.”

“You can give it up as easily as you made it up.”

My life is good. Have I created this or is it just a lull before the storm?

Life will change. People I love will die and new people to love will be born. I see that I get to choose my reaction to these events. I feel the flow of Love within me as my mind clears of questions: what about victims of war? And disease? Crime victims?

I do believe my beliefs create the physical world, but the evidence is that it is created by our group thoughts. (Another trait of how I experience the world is what I am a vibrational match to — you reap what you sow.)

I get to choose how I see the world around me and how I react. I am good at standing in peace. Can I grow to express Love? To be within Love?

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