ACIM Lesson 30 notes.

God is in everything I see because God is in my mind.


“Real vision … does not depend on the body’s eyes at all. The mind is its only source.”

The mind is my source of real vision because God (Love) is in my mind.

Love is in everything I see because Love is in my mind.

Real vision, can I put together what this is? As a Holy Child of God, I came to this world innocent, and open field of Love. I see this in my baby granddaughter. She influences me into loving interactions with her. I think she sees with ‘real vision’. As we grow, we experience this world and are taught the rules to be safe and to fit in. Fear comes into our minds and ‘edges God out’. EGO!

God (Love) is, of course, still in our minds. It is just blocked by fear.

Fear has us sorting everything we see into good and bad so we can choose what to identify with and what to push away. This happens all due to the subconscious belief in being safe.

When Love looks at me through our baby girl’s eyes, is it to join with me? Love connects.

When I look upon things of this world, should I be asking, ‘will you join with me?’

My heart is feeling expanded. I’m sensing this could be a method of practice toward ‘real vision’.


“How can God be in my mind? A flower, yes, a table even, but my mind?” ~ Hollie Holden

Hollie’s mentioning of a flower brought me a connection to this lesson.

Yes, I can see God in a flower. Therefore, can I step back, and consider that light, sacredness, in me?

I looked in my iPad screen t see a reflection of myself.

I love you, Tricia.

I saw the light in my eyes. God in me.

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