ACIM Lesson 25 notes.

I do not know what anything is for.


Saying ‘I don’t know’ brings us into humility.

I know that I don’t like change which tells me that I am afraid of a bit of mystery. I could say that I fear the unknown, but thinking of it as mystery is more romantic and not so scary.

I had an insight last week; it was that we need humility to experience awe. If we think that we know everything it makes sense we cannot be surprised, experience wonder, or to feel awe.

Not knowing what anything is for is a blessing. We get to live in newness. And, we are connected to Creation through faith and hope.*

I recognize that something greater than this individual is shifting things for my best interests.

“… faith is the patience with mystery that allows us to negotiate the stages (order-disorder-reorder).” *

*Inspiration came from Richard Rohr’s, CAC Daily Meditation email, 1-25-2024, “The Unitive Way”.


“Everything is for your own best interests.”

I don’t know …

I had big ideas of things to write about: consciousness, the cosmos, Christ. But that is not what this lesson is about.

Let go – undo — be open.

Hollie’s notes have settled my mind to just be OK with a bit of pondering on ‘I don’t know’.

I’ll take a breath … maybe three.

Be still and know I am, God.

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